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Our mission is to fuel the body optimally with locally sourced ingredients by creating purposeful nutrient-balanced meals for those in our community.

Topset Meals was originally formulated to feed my strength and conditioning clients. Having been in the industry as a strength coach for years and granted the opportunity to coach alongside all cohorts ---  athletes, TBI victims, professional hockey players and your weekday warrior --- the one glaring difference in performance inside and out of the gym has been nutrition. Your food is the catalyst to all life’s endeavors. Lacking energy? Muscles not recovering from training? Having a hard time finding TIME to prepare? All this subsequently can be a direct correlation to your eating.

I started taking control of my diet the first day of my freshman year of college (once I realized that Sysco was going to be feeding me three hot’s a day...) I summoned up my student loan money and went out and bought myself a rice cooker and griddle from Mardens for the grand sum of $20. I lived in a forced triple at the time with 2 athletes. Our room was as big as my mother’s closet and just as packed. Fast forward a few weeks and I’m making Sunday brunch for all three floors after we recouped from our whiskey hangovers (I mean grueling gym sessions).

Food brings people together. Period. I think it should be prepared with love, intention and purpose. I want to live optimally, think optimally and perform optimally. To do so, I need to feed myself and those I care about accordingly.

Here at Topset we have built our reputation on quality products and integrity.

Quality meaning: hand-selected, New England based, antibiotic/growth hormone free meats and produce chosen with the intention to provide key nutrients and micronutrients that the body may be lacking and that aid in digestion to maintain optimal digestive health.

Integrity meaning: I hold myself and my company to a standard. One I will never waver from. I stand beside each meal knowing that it’s my best. From ingredients to seasoning to storage and delivery - it was created with one intention in mind: to provide you with an optimal meal at a fair and reasonable price.

Noah Tranten | Founder, Owner & Head Chef