a portland maine meal service co.

locally founded, owned and operated since 2016

handmade, whole food, ready to heat and eat meals

Meats are purchased locally and produce is hand-selected, New England based, and antibiotic/growth hormone-free whenever possible. Chosen with the intention to provide key micro and macro-nutrients the body may be lacking, we eat to aid and maintain optimal digestive health.

pickup or delivery

We're partnered with 11 local businesses where you can pick up your order at no cost and deliver to 8 towns surrounding the greater portland area.

join us when you want

No membership or meal plan necessary. Order what feels good, when it feels good.

securing meals for maine's children

We leverage the privilege and power of our incredible community to make monthly donations to Full Plates, Full Potential.

The Topset Family has contributed over $9,000 since 2020.

Full Plates is redoing their partner pages. Should be back live summer 2024! For now you can see the program details here.

Donations can be made in your shopping cart before checkout.