Deez Sensational Balls: Teriyaki Beef Meatball *SAMPLE ONLY*
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Deez Sensational Balls: Teriyaki Beef Meatball *SAMPLE ONLY*

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Deez Sensational Balls: Teriyaki Beef Meatballs | Stuffed Right Full Angus Meatball. Teriyaki Sauce. Sesame Organic Green Beans. Lime Slice. Sesame. Chive. Jasmine Rice. 

My favorite style. Something about teriyaki beef meatballs just makes me feel like - for a moment - everything is right in this world. The stars align, my hairline has grown back, gas is reasonably priced and everyone waves back to me. The good life. These are time consuming and silly, but sometimes love be like that! Let’s pretend I’m Willy Wonka and instead of a candy + chocolate factory, it’s a meatball fantasy land and you all got a personalized golden ticket to come and hang with me. You can eat as many meatballs as you want! I won’t tell. - Chef Noah

Known Family Allergies: Dairy + gluten (in the meatball). Soy (ingredient in teriyaki sauce). Sesame (green beans + sprinkled on top). Lime.

Macronutrients in 1 Base Meal
  • Calories - 661Kcal
  • Fat - 25g
  • Carbohydrates - 55g
  • Protein (~8oz) - 54g

1 Base Meal includes all ingredients listed with approx 8oz of protein (each meatball). 

Pricing reflects market price: see price above under main meal title

Macronutrients provided are estimates based upon in-house product labeling information

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