Shawarent’ I Delicious: Shawarma Beef Bowl (GF)
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Shawarent’ I Delicious: Shawarma Beef Bowl (GF)

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Shawarent’ I Delicious: Shawarma Beef Bowl | Sautéed Ground Angus Beef w/ Brown Sauce. Sliced White Onion. Cucumber. Roma Tomato. House Tzatziki Sauce. Saffron Yellow Rice. Herbs. Sesame.(GF)
Well this is probably going to be just the best thing ever. I mean, why has it taken me 5 years before making a shawarma beef bowl?! ALL OF MY FAVORITE THINGS! I am quite literally just waking up and like a diesel engine during a cold day, takes me about 25-30 minutes before my brain is warmed up. Which is unfortunate because I wanted to woo you over in this bio with a witty, tastefully funny description. Instead, you now have a paragraph about nothing at all. Like Michael Scott always says: “sometimes I’ll start a sentence and have no idea what I’m talking about. I just hope I find it along the way.”  - Chef Noah
Contains: Dairy (in the tzatziki sauce)
Macronutrients in 1 Base Meal
  • Calories - 644Kcal
  • Fat - 24g
  • Carbohydrates - 52g
  • Protein (6oz) - 55g

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Macronutrients provided are estimates based upon in-house product labeling information

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