The Royal Flush | BBQ Chicken Burrito Bowl (GF)
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The Royal Flush | BBQ Chicken Burrito Bowl (GF)

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The Royal Flush | BBQ Chicken Burrito Bowl: Pulled BBQ Chicken. Pickled Red Onions. Tomatoes. Sweet Corn. Black Beans. Topset Creamy Burrito Sauce. Yellow Cheddar & Mozzarella Cheese. Cilantro Jasmine Rice. (GF)

I usually have to write the menu Tuesday night after deliveries. Sometimes I got the stuff, sometimes I certainly do not. Usually if that’s the case I’ll do some botany, go to the gym, take a nice hot shower then sit down and try again. Welp, prescription worked and all I could think of making were 3 things I was craving after some body movin’ and green stuff! Burritos, burgers & chicken teriyaki. This will be marvelous!!!! A real nice blend of sweet, savory and pure pleasure. I am imagining eating this with a spoon, in the dark, whilst my eyes roll back into my head and I am transported into a simpler time. Hell, I’ll probably have 2. Order up!!! - Chef Noah
Known family allergies: Tomatoes. Dairy (cheese, sauce)
Heat Scale: 1
(1 being a plain pasta noodle, 10 being a jalapeno)

Macronutrients in 1 Base Meal
  • Calories - 650Kcal
  • Fat - 25g
  • Carbohydrates - 54g
  • Protein (6oz) - 52g

1 Base Meal includes all ingredients listed with 6oz of protein. If you'd like to add extra protein, choose from the meal options drop down above.

Pricing reflects market price: see price above under main meal title

Macronutrients provided are estimates based upon in-house product labeling information

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